Custom Expandable Files

Many people believe that creating a custom file is too expensive... this is not true!
ALL-STATE LEGAL makes customizing your expanding files easy and affordable so you can be as efficient as possible.

Custom Printed Expandale Files
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Red Fiber Material Swatches

Choose File Construction:

Material: Select from a wide range of materials to suit your firm's needs including reddish brown red fiber (to match stock Fibre-Guard), orangey-red red fiber (to match stock Redweld), standard manila or pressboard as well as specialty stocks.

Size: Specify the file size needed to determine size. Review contents to be stored to ensure they will fit in the file.

Tab Style: Choose tab size and position to fit your indexing needs. Flexible side tabs fold back to accommodate both standard drawer and file box storage.

Tyvek Expansion Color Selection

Expansion/Gusset: From 1¾" to 7" – chose tear-resistant Tyvek available in 26 colors (minimums apply) for long term or active files and economical paper for short-term filing.

Rivets: Reinforce your files at stress points to improve durability.

Finishing Touches: Include clear vinyl pockets, RFID chips/labels, and more

Choose Imprint:

Brand: Print your firm name or logo for added security

Efficiency: Add a form, checklist to track status or other messages

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