Custom Intellectual Property Folders

Intellectual Property Folders (Patent Application, Foreign Patent and U.S. Trademark) allow you to file and organize patent and trademark applications quick and easily. Customizing these folders to fit within your firm's specific process allows you to save time on intellectual property filings.

Custom IP Folders

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We can match your current file exactly, plus suggest cost saving alternatives that will allow you to spend less without reducing or changing the efficiency of your file. We are a true partner here to assist you in designing or redesigning your files to meet your specific needs.

Most Popular Options Available For Custom IP Folders

IP Swatches

Layout Options

  • Choose from 16 colors of recycled, 10% PCW 15 pt. stock
  • Custom size to fit file contents and storage system
  • Bi-fold and tri-fold layouts
  • Side and top flaps secure your documents
  • Flexible end tabs allow for different filing methods — from drawer to shelf to storage boxes
  • Include thumb cut pockets to secure materials, adding an expansion will allow for easy access

Printing Options

  • Personalized with firm logo/name
  • Printed with forms on any panel! Choose from most popular standard forms or provide your own
  • Print or emboss label guides directly on end tabs for convenient shelf filing label alignment

IP Expansion Swatches

Expansion Options

  • Add scores to manila expansions for more flexibility
  • Tough and durable Tyvek® expansions are 4 times stronger than manila expansions with these added benefits:
    • ½" to 5" tear-resistant expansions available
    • 26 colors perfect for color coded filing systems

Other Options

  • Add embedded fasteners
  • Order drilled to add fasteners only when needed
  • Consider an elastic closure for a more secure closure
  • Add vinyl pockets — business card, CD/DVD or document sizes available for all your needs

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